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Leg Injury


My goal is to facilitate healing and restore efficient movement and comfort as quickly as possible. I achieve this through proven hands-on techniques, one-on-one therapy, individualized rehabilitation programs and bespoke treatment plans designed for each patient.  I'm not like any other chiropractor you may have seen and I spend time getting to know you and working with you to help you reach your health goals. 

A lifelong athlete myself I understand sports and competition and regularly work with martial artists, hockey players, soccer players, tennis and pickleball players of all levels as well as the "weekend warriors" so you can play your game.  I will help you recover from injuries and learn how to prevent them.  I've also worked with musicians to help them be their best and play without pain.  

Practicing in the Plano/Allen area since 2000, I have developed a reputation as the place to go for treatment and rehabilitation after an injury. Get in touch to find out more and to book your first appointment.

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